Typical Pantechnicon Sleds

  • The Spares Sled
    • The regularly used spare parts for the longwall face are stored here. It also contains a dump valve, to remove hydraulic pressure from the longwall supports, as well as an emulsion filter to ensure that the emulsion is kept clean.
  • The Control Sled
    • This is the longwall status report machine. It sends information to the surface about the condition of the belt conveyor, crusher, BSL, AFC, shearer sequencing, pump station and methane monitoring.
  • The District Control Box (DCB) Sled
    • These supply 3300 V and 300 Amps to the longwall face equipment.
  • The Hydraulic Reservoir Sled
    • Stores emulsion that is pumped into the longwall support legs to supply support to the roof.
  • The Hydraulic Pump Station Sled
    • Contains all the hydraulic equipment so that the emulsion supply to the face is kept clean and at a constant pressure.
  • The Shearer Booster Pump Sled
    • Maintains constant water pressure and temperature to the shearer.
  • The Tool Box and Work Bench Sled
    • Stores the tools and equipment to be used exclusively for repairs on the longwall.
  • The Transformer Sleds
    • Changes the incoming 6.6 kV to 3.3 kV to be used by the longwall face equipment.
  • Fire Fighting and First Aid Sled
    • Contains first aid and fire fighting equipment.
  • Crib Room Sled
    • Contains a phone and DAC communication speaker.
  • The Cable Storage Sled
    • Contains storage for the main power cable.
  • The Pantechnicon Puller
    • Pulls the pantechnicon back as the face retreats.
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