The coal shearer is the only type of power loader that is used in Australia. There are currently four manufacturer’s of shearers in Australian, these being :

  • DBT (12 Shearers),
  • Joy Global (12 Shearers),
  • Eickhoff (6 Shearers),
  • Mitsui Miiki (1 Shearers)

Click here for the table of the Australian shearers and drums with dust suppression systems

A typical shearer can be as long as 15 m and weigh in excess of 90 tonnes. The travelling speeds of shearers in Australia can vary between 10 – 14 metres/minute. However, the speed of shearers are on the increase, and there is now a reported case of 45 metres/minute at Twenty Mile Colliery in the United States.
If you would like to see a video of a shearer operating on a longwall face click here.

A typical shearer consists of the following components :

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