21st Century Higher Production Coal Mining Systems Synoisuim

21st Century Higher Production Coal Mining Systems Synoisuim

E.Y. Baafi

Keynote Adress

  • Paper 1 A view of Underground Coal Mining in the 21st Century – L.V. Wade

Future Mining Systems

  • Paper 2 Canadas Program for Innovations In Mining Technology in the 21st Century – J.Pathak
  • Paper 3 Developments in Underground Coal Mining Technloogy and Their Impliacations – R.D Lama
  • Paper 4 A Philosophical Approach to 21st Century Coal Mine Planning – D. Tague, N.I.A Aziz and E.Y Baafi
  • Paper 5 Economic Effects of Increased Productivity – Higher Profits or Lower Prices? – E Eames and K. Tronson

High Production Underground Mining Systems

  • Paper 6 Towards 40,000 Tonnes/Day Workings – Demoulin, Raffoux, and Vidalinc
  • Paper 7 Acheiving 435-2540 Tonnes Per Shift from Continuous Miner Sections, a Report on the U.S.A’s Most Productive Coal Mines – S.J Page, J.C Volkwein and F.N. Kissel
  • Paper 8 Gretket Colliery Miniwall Mining Systems – M.W. Simes and J.B McKendry
  • Paper 9 Continuous Haulage – The Coal and Allied Experience – T.Stay and A. Lennox


  • Paper 10 Development in Geosciences for Overcoming the Constrains on Higher Production Underground Mining – L holla and A. Lennox
  • Paper 11 Premining Investigations for the Prediction of Hazards Ahead of Faces – J. Hanes
  • Paper 12 Long-Hole Drilling for In-Seam Exploration – R.J. WIlliams and F. Hungerford
  • Paper 13 Developments in Geophysics for Prediction of Structures Influencing Production in Mines – P.J Hatherlly

Rock Mechanics

  • Paper 14 Strata Control Considerations for Improved Mine Roadway and Panel Driveage Rates –W.J. Gale, M.W. Fabjanczyk, J.A Nemcik and S.M. Mathews
  • Paper 15 Basic Mechanism of Strata Fractures Formation and Expansion Around Mine Working – C. Jeger
  • Paper 16 Rational Longwall Layout Design Based on Numerical Stress Analysis – L.J. Wardle and G. Klenowski

Longwall Systems

  • Paper 17 Parameters Affecting the Shield Support Efficiency in Longwall Mining. – S.S Peng, S.M Hsiung and Y.M Jiang
  • Paper 18 A method of Assessing the Efficiency of Powered Supports In Service – B.G.D. Smart and D.N Bigby
  • Paper 19 Roof Control Technology Under Abnormal Conditions – R. Ruston, R. Lama and M. Cutafani
  • Paper 20 Longwall Coal Cutting Machines – The Future – K. Nienhaus and J. Carthew
  • Paper 21 The Design of a Roadways Support System for Dynamic Loads Tremors – j Szlachta, J. Maloszewski, A. Kidybinski and B. Sawka

Longwall Systems II

  • Paper 22 Longwall Face Outputs – Present State of the Art – Alternative Future Trends – D.H. Fawcett and G.R Duncan
  • Paper 23 Implications of High Productivity Longwall Systems – M.D Velzeboer

Surface Mining And Rock Excavation

  • Paper 24 Prediction of Instabilityin Slopes During Opencast Mining over Old Underground Workings in Jharia Coalfield, India –K.K. Gupta, T. Singh and D.P Singh
  • Paper 25 Longwall Punch Mining From Open Cut Highwalls – B.W. Robertson, G. O’Regan and M. McKew
  • Paper 26 Mechanics of Rock Drilling, Cutting and Future Developments – L.C Schmidt, N.I. Aziz and H. Guo

Computer Applications

  • Paper 27 Computer Based Remote Control of a Highwall Mining System – A.J Kwistowski, W.H Lewis, W.D Mayercheck and M.C Leigh
  • Paper 28 GPSS Computer Simultation of Proposed Undeground Rear Dump Truck Ore Haulage Systems at ZC Mines, Broken Hill – J. Harrison and J.R Sturgul
  • Paper 29 Expert Systems and Coal Mining – V.U Nguyen and E.Y Baafi
  • Paper 30 Rescue – Knowledge Based Expert System for Mine Rescue Operations Based on Gas Analysis – S. Osie-Tutu, E.Y Baafi, and MacKenzie-Wood

Mine Environment And Safety

  • Paper 31 Advancing Coal Mine Ventilation into the Twenty First Century with High Productivity Mining Systems – A.D.S Gillies
  • Paper 32 Safety Limitations of Longwall Face Advance Rates – L.J Thomas
  • Paper 33 Research on Dust Control for High Production Longwall Mining in Australia – A. Hewitt and R.D. Lama.
  • Paper 34 Parachute Stoppings For Rapid Ventilation Control – P.F. Howlett and M.Buizen

Gas Emission

  • Paper 35 Will Firedamp Emission Stop Progress in Longwall Production? – C. Jegar
  • Paper 36 The Practical Method of Handling Methane in a Fullu Mechanized High Output Coal Face – D. Guoquan and H. Yuanping
  • Paper 37 Limitations and Requirements of Gas Control Methods for High Production Longwall Mining – L. Lunarzewski, G Mitchell and C. Clarke
  • Paper 38 Towards a Reliable Gas Emission Prediction Method for Australian Longwall Mining – S. Battino, L. Lunarzewski and D. Truong

Management Issues

  • Paper 39 Asset Management in the U.K Coal Industry – S.M Halder
  • Paper 40 Mining Management in the 21st Century – D.A Clark and C.H Martin
  • Paper 41 The Small Mine – Can it be Competitve? – P.N Benkendorff
  • Paper 42 Reliablity Centered Maintenance for Mining Equipment – U. Kumar and S. Granholm.


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