11th international ground control in mining

Paper 1 Assessment of Applicability of Stregnth Criteria for Rock and Rock Mass to Coal Pillars. Pages 1-8
V S Vutukuri and S M F Hossani, Univesity of NSW, Kensington, Australia.


Paper 2 A Method of Establishing site specific Coal Pillar Design Guidelines. Pages 9-12
W J Gale and K W Mills, Strata Control Technlogy Pty Ltd, Wollongong, NSW, Australia


Paper 3 Strata Mechanics of Pillar Extraction Goaf Edges. Page 13-21
J Shepherd amd V L Chaturvedula, ACIRL Ltd, Wollongong, NSW, Australia.


Paper 4 Rock Mass Classification as an Aid to Estimating the Stregnth of Coal Pillars. Pages 22-29
R Trueman, CSRIO, Brisbane, QLD, Australia, I G T, Thin and D B Tyler, Cambone school of mines, Cornwall, UK


Paper 5 A Study on Stress Distribution and Reasonable Size of a coal Pillar in a Coal. Pages 30-37
H C Li and Q.P. Wang, China University Of Mining and Technology, Xuzhou and Y.H Quan, Zhaozhuang Mining Bureau, Sandong, China


Paper 6 Evaluating Coal Pillar Mechanics Through Field Measurements. Pages 38-47
A Lannacchione, and C Mark, USBM, Pittsburge, PA, USA


Paper 7 Critical Appraisal of Pillar Design as Required by Coal Mines Regulation of Inia Vis-A-Vis Rock Latest Rock Mechanics Formulae. Pages 48-57
S Sharma, T N Singh, and D P Singh, Banaras Hindu, Univesity, Varnasi, India


Paper 8 Sidewall Fracturing in Coal Room and Pillar, and Pillar extraction Panels. Pages 58-65
A Vervoot, Chamber of Mines, Johannesburg, SouthAfrica.


Paper 9 Design of Yield Pillars in the Southern Coal Field of New South Whales. Pages 66-71
V K Chaturvedula ACIRL Ltd, Sydney, NSW, and A K BHattacharyya, University of NSW, Kensington, NSW, Australia


Paper 10 Pillar Design in Bump-Prone Deep Western U.S Coal Mines. Pages 72-83
N P Kripakov and R O Kneisley, USBM, Denver, USA.


Paper 11 Elasto-Plasticd Finite Element Strucual Stability Analysis of Room and Pillar Mine Workings. Pages 84-91
R N Singh, Univesity of Wollongong, NSW, Australia


Paper 12 Scale Model Studies to Investigate the Effect of Various Stress Fields on the Stability of Pillars Between Mine Roadways. Pages 92-98
N G Terezopolous, Royal School of Mines, London and S F Smith, University of Nottingham, UK.


Paper 13 Historical Perspective and Future Projection of Longwall Mining in the United States. Pages 99-108
T M Barczak, USBM, Pittsburgh, PA, USA.


Paper 14 Analysis of Longwall Shields and their Interaction with Surrounding Strata in a Deep Coal Mine. Pages 109-116
D W Park and Y M Jiang, The Univesity of Alabama, F Carr and G W Hendon, Jim Walter Resources, Alabama, AL, USA


Paper 15 In-Situ Performance Analysis of Immediate Forward Support (IFS) Systems in This-Medium Seam Sections in the United Kingdom. Pages 117-130
P N Freeman, Meco International Marketing Lld, U.K and P O’Grady, Barret, Fuller, & Partners, Sydney, Australia.


Paper 16 Australian Longwall Geomechanics – A Recent Study. Pages 131-139
R C Frith, A M Steward and D Price, ACIRL Ltd, Wollongong NSW, Australia.


Paper 17 Strata-Support Interaction on a powered Support Longwall Face Under a massive Dolerite Sill – A study. Pages 140-149
R N Gupta and A K Ghose, Indian School of Mines, Dhanbad, India.


Paper 18 Geotechnical Constraints on a 6.0m Single Pass longwall Face. Pages 150-154
R Seedsman, Coffey Partners International, Sydney, NSW, and N Gordon, ACIRL Ltd, Australia.


Paper 19 Predicting of Longwall Support Loading at Southern Collery, Queensland. Pages 155-159
G Klenowski, Capricorn, Coal Management Pty Ltd, QLD, B Ward, Shell Company of Australia, K E Mcnabb, Mincad Systems Pty Ltd, Vic and G Dyer, Capricorn Coal Management Pty Ltd, Qld, Australia


Paper 20 Pressure Distrubution of 2-Leg Shield Supports. Pages 160-69
R Pothini Island Creek Coal Co, WV H S Chiang and SS Peng, West Virginia Univesity, MorganTown, WV, USA


Paper 21 A Simple Finite Element Model of Predicting the Behaviour of Hydraulically Powered Coalmine Supports. Pages 170-176
B G D Smart and P W H Olden, Heriot-Watt Univesity, Edinburgh, Scotland.


Paper 22 Surface and Borehole Microseismic Monitoring of Longwall Faces; their Potential for Three Dimensional Fracture Imaging and the Geo-Mechanical Implications. Pages 177-192
P Styles, I Bishop and S Toon, Univesity of Liverpool, UK and Trueman R, CSIRO, Brisbane, Australia


Paper 23 Rigid or Yielding Roof Bolts: At the face or Away from the Face. Pages 193-203
R D Lama, Kemble Coal & Coke Pty Ltd, Wollongong, Australia and B Z Amusin, VINIMI, St Petersburg, Russia.


Paper 24 An Assessment of Rockbolting in Geologically Disturbed Mine Roadways. Pages 204-211
E Akyol, D J Reddish and B N Whittaker, Univesity of Nottingham, UK


Paper 25 Load Transfer Mechanisms in Reinforcing Tendons. Pages 212-219
M W Fabjanczyk and G C Tarrant, Strata Control Technology Pty Ltd, Wollongong, NSW, Australia.


Paper 26 Innovative Rock Reinforcements Hardware. Pages 220-229
D F Howarth and M T Renwick, BHP Engineering, Sydney, NSW, Australia.


Paper 27 Innovative Ground Support Systems. Pages 230-235
P A Gray, BHP Engineering, Wollongong, NSW, Australia.


Paper 28 A New Rock Bolting Concept for Underground Roadways. Pages 236-239
G Skybey, Du Pont (Australia) LTD, Sydney, NSW, Australia


Paper 29 Design Considerations for Cable Truss Secondary Supports in Roadways of Underground Collieries. Pages 240-248
P O’Grady and P G Fuller, Barret, FUller & Partners, Sydney NSW, Australia


Paper 30 Influence of Bolts on Discountinuities and Yielding Rock-Conceptual. Pages 249-254
B Indranatna, University of Wollongong, NSW, Australia


Paper 31 Monitoring Indicies for the Support Sournding Strata System on a Longwall Face. Pages 255-262
M G Qian, F L He, and D R Zhu, China University of Mining and Technology, Xuzhou, China.


Paper 32 Deformation of Retreat Gateroad in Inter-panel Pillar System. Pages 263-271
K Matsui and M Ichinose, Kyushu Univesity, Japan, and K Gotoh and T Tsuru, Matsushima Coal Mining Co Ltd, Fukuoka, Japan


Paper 33 Optimisation of Reinforcement Design of Coal Mine Roadways. Pages 272-279
Wj Gale, M W. Fabjanczyk, GC Tarrant and RJ Guy, Strata Control Technology Pty LTD, Wollongong, NSW, Australia.


Paper 34 How to Cope with Cutter Roof Problem. Pages 280-288
A Wahab Khair, West Virginia University, Morgantown, WV, USA


Paper 35 Horizontal Stress Control in Underground Coal Mines. Pages 289-296
S M Mathews J.A Nemcik and W J Gale, Strata Control Technology Pty Ltd, Wollngong, NSW, Australia


Paper 36 A Study of Floor Heave in the Mines of the Southern Coalfield of NSW. Pages 297-301
A K Bhattacharyya, The University of NSW and S P Seneviratne, Tranby Co-Operative College for Aboriginies NSW Australia


Paper 37 Ground Control Hazarz Analysis in Multi-steam Mining. Pages 302-307
R Fraher, C Haycocks and M Karmis, Virginia Polytechnial and state University, Blacksburg, Virginia, USA and Y Zhou, Nanying Technical Univesity, Singapore


Paper 38 Convergence and load Measurements in an Underground Mine in Turkiye. Pages 308-313
A G Pasamehmetoglu, METU, Ankara, Turkiye, M M Yesil, DJ Douglas, and Partners Pty Ltd, Sydney, Australia, and T Bozdeg, METU, Ankara, Turkiye.


Paper 39 Detailed Underground Measurements of Roof Deflection and Bed Separation. Pages 314-321
A Vervoot, B Jack, F Jackson and G ProHaska, Chamber of Mines, Johannesburg, South Africa.


Paper 40 Subsurface Fracture Developments due to Longwall Mining in its Interpereationusing Image Process Techniquies. Pages 322-333
G X Sun, D J Reddish and B N Whittaker, University of Nottingham, UK.


Paper 41 Characterization of Overburden Responce to Longwall Mining in the Western United States. Pages 334-344
K Y Haramy and A J Fejes, USBM, Denver, CO, USA.


Paper 42 Continuous Monitoring of a Mechnized Breaker Line Supports to Investigate Roof and Pillar Behaviour. Pages 345-350
I L Follingtonm R Trueman, T P Medhurst and I N Nutchison, CSIRO, Brisbane, QLD, Australia


Paper 43 Numerical Modelling of a Monitorering Site in an Underground Coal Mine in the Bowen Basin. Pages 351-357
M E Duncan Fama, R Trueman and T P Medhurst, CSIRO, Brisbane, QLD, Australia.


Paper 44 Reformation of the Hydraulic-Swoting Mining Method. Pages 358-370
L yinhaui, K Fengyi and K Bingwen, Fuxin, Coal Mines, Liaoning China.


Paper 45 A Study on the High-Water Solidying Materials For Gob-Along Roadside Instead of Coal Pillars. Pages 371-375
Y Qui, H Sun, China University of Mining and Technology, Beijing and J Yin, Hebi, Mining Adminstration Bureau, Henen Province, China.


Paper 46 Geological Sencing – The Key to Increasing Miner Safety. Pages 376-383
J R M Hill and R C Briggs, USBM, Spokane, Washington DC, USA


Paper 47 Cemented Backfill in Two Italian Massive Orebodies. Pages 384-396
M Congiu and E Fiavoranti Societa Italiana Mienire, Sardinia, Italy W Helms, and W Knissel , Technishe, Univesitat Clausthal Institut fur Bergbaukunde und Bergwirtshaftslehre, Germany, S Lai, P Licheri and D Lipari, Sociesta Italiana Miniere, Sardinia, Italy, P P Manca, G Massacci and G Rossi, University of Cagliari Sardinia, Italy.


Paper 48 A Possible Alternative to Hardwood Chock Pieces. Pages 397-406
B G D Smart, Heriot-Watt University, Scotland, D A Brock, formerly The University of Strathclyde, Scotland, D Thompson, Formerly with Mallinson Denny(scotland) LTD, and J Somerville, Heriot-Watt University, Scotland.


Paper 49 Ground Control Techiques Utilizing Grid Structures. Pages 407-413
B E Travis, Tensair Earth Technologies Inc, Morrow, Georgia, USA.


Paper 50 Application of DDM to some Rock Pressure Problems in Japnese Deep Coal Mines. Pages 414-420
Y Fujii, Y Ishijima, Hokkaido University, Sapporo, and T Goto, and Muroran Institute of Technology, Japan.


Paper 51 Evalution of the Strength Behaviour of Monolithic Packs. Pages 421-431
S I AI-Amean, University of Nottingham, U K and RN Singh, University of Wollongong. NSW. Australia


Paper 52 Probabilistic Stability Analysis of Embankments and Slopes. Pages 432 437
R A Halatchev University of Mining and Geology, Sofia, Bulgaria


Paper 53 Application of Tailing Sand and Water as Backfill Material in Metal Mines. Pages 438-442
H Sun, China University of Mining & Technology, Beijing, China, H Jainmin, Northern, Jiaotong University, Beijing, China, and L Shuquqn, China, University, of Mining Science & technology, Beijing, China.


Paper 54 Subsidence Prediction from the Beginning – Collie Coal Basin. Pages 443-451
I Misich, Western Collieries LTD, WA, and A Evans, Curtin, University, Collie, WA and O Jones, Brodie-Hall Research Centre, Kalgoorie, WA, Australia


Paper 55 Mining Subsidence of an Urban Area in Ipswitch Queensland. Pages 452-461
D J Maconochie, Hollingsworth Dames & Moore, QLD, L Wardie, Mincad Systems Pty Ltd, QLD, and G Wright, Bornhorst and Ward, QLD, Australia.


Paper 56 Investigation of Subsidence Event over Multiple Seam Mining Area. Pages 462-465
K K Kohli, Office of Surface Mining Reclamation and Enforcement, Pittsburgh, PA, USA.


Paper 57 Classification of Mine Related Subsidence East of Mississippi River, USA. Pages 466-474
J L Craft, Office of Surface Mining Reclamation and Enforcement, Pittsburgh, PA, USA.


Paper 58 Influence of the Sloping of Ground Surfaces on Mine Subsidence. Pages 475-482
D M Shu Kembla Coal & Coke Pty Ltd, Wollongong and A K Bhattacharyya, The University of NSW, Kensington, Australia.


Paper 59 Effects of Subsidence on Steep Topography and Cliff Lines. Pages 483-490
D R Kay, Department of Minerals Resources, Sydney, NSW, and J P Carter, The University of Sydney, NSW, Australia


Paper 60 The Effectiveness of Interpanel Pillars in the Control of Surface Subsidence. Pages 491-498
L Holla, NSW Department of Minterals and Energy, Sydney, NSW, Australia.


Paper 61 Cross-Well Acoustic Tomography to Locate Abandoned Underground Mines and Subsidence Failure. Pages 499-505
L K Killoran, USBM, Denver, CO, USA


Paper 62 Three-Dimensional Numerical Modelling of Effects of Subsidence on Escarpments. Pages 506-510
L J Wardle and K E McNabb, Mincad Systems Pty Ltd, VIC, Australia.


Paper 63 A Comprehensive Computer Model for Predicting Dynamic Subsidence for Longwall Operations. Pages 511-516
Y Luo and S S Peng, West Virginia University, MorganTown, WV, USA


Paper 64 Development of void Diffusion Models to Predict Subsidence Due to Underground Coal Mining. Pages 517-525
Q W Hao and Y P Chugh, Southern Illinois University at Carbondale, Illinois, USA


Paper 65 Application of a Simplified 3-Dimensional Roof-Pillar-Floor- Interaction Analysis Model for Subsidence Prediction. Pages 526-533
W M Pytel and Y P Chugh, Southern Illinois University at Carbondale, Illinois, USA


Paperr 66 A Design Approach for a Swelling Rock in an Underground Mine In Turkiye. Pages 534-539
A G Pasamehmetoglu, METU, Turkiye, M M Yesil, D J Douglas and Partners Pty Ltd, Sydney, Australia, and T Bozdag, METU, Ankara, Turkiye


Paper 67 Study of the Impact of Mining under Massive Roof at Datong Coal Mines. Pages 540-547
S Y Jin and X LinSheng, Datong Coal Mining Administration, Shanxi, China.


Paper 68 Week Claystone Floors and their Implications to Pillar Design and Settlement. Pages 548-555
R Seedsman, Coffey Partners International Pty Ltd, Sydney, NSW and N Gordan, ACIRL Ltd, Australia.


Paper 69 A Method for Determination of Stregnth of Coal Mass. Pages 556-561
G Junfeng and Y Qixiang, China University of Mining and Technology, Xuzhuo, Jiangsu, China.


Paper 70 A Study on Application of Comprehensive Rock Mechanical Properties and Geological Characteristics in Coal Mines. Pages 562-567
X LinSheng and S Y Jin, Datong Coal Mining Administration, Shanxi, China.


Paper 71 The Mechanical Property of Coal Containing Gas. Pages 568-574
Y Yuping, Hangzhou, Environment Protection Research Institute, CCMRI, Xiaoshan, Zhejiang, and Z Shining, China University of Mining and Technology, Xuzhuo, China


Paper 72 The Rheological Fracture Properties and Outburst Mechanism of Coal Containing Gas. Pages 575-579
X He and Z Shining, China University of Mining and Technology, Xuzhuo, China


Paper 73 Investigation and Analysis of Sudden Outbursts of Gas During Driving Mine Roadways. Pages 580-587
U Bajzeij, J Likar, B Janezic, and F Zigman, Rudarski Institut Ljubljiana, Slovenia.


Paper 74 A Casting Method for Artificial Rock Specimens. Pages 588-592
D Z Gu and G R Mostyn, The University of NSW, Kensington, NSW, Australia


Paper 75 Progress in ther Knowledge of Granite Cutting with Diamond Wire. Pages 593-599
A Bortolussi A Caranassios, R Ciccu, R Lassandro, P P Manca and G Massaccasi, University of Cagliari, Sardinia, Italy.


Paper 76 A Simple Method of Measuring Rock Fracture Toughness Using the Brazillian Test Method. Pages 600-611
H Guo, BHP Mt. Newman Mining Operations, WA and N I Aziz, University of Wollongong, NSW, Australia


Paper 77 Mine Stability Evaluation from Micro-Seismic Activity. Pages 612-617
B R A Wood and R W Harris, CSIRO, Sydney, Australia.


Paper 78 The Responce of Massive Structures inferred from Tidal Tilt Monitoring. Pages 618-623
D P Blair, BRA Wood and R W Harris, CSIRO, Sydney, NSW, Australia


Paper 79 Optimisation of Bench Blast Design with the Aid of Computer. Pages 624-630
W Wu, University of Science and Technology Beijing, China.


Paperr 80 The Directional Drill Monitoring for Long hole Gas Dralnage in Coal Mines. Pages 631-635
G Skybey, Du Pont (Australia) Ltd Sydney, NSW Australia


Paper 81 Effects of Drilling Fluid Composition on Penetration Rate. Pages 636-643
G Rossi and P Trois, University of Cagliari, Sardinia, Italy.


Paperr 82 Prediction of Rock Cutting Performance Using Fracture Mechanics Principles-A Rewview. Pages 644-651
G Sun, B N Whittaker, University of Nottingham, UK, R N Singh, The University of Wollongong, NSW, Australia and M D Waller, University of Nottingham, UK


Paper 83 Investigation into Cutting Characteristic Of Indian Coal Seams. Pages 652-659
T N Singh, R Singh and J K Singh, Central Mining Research Station, Dhanbad, India.


Paper 84 Prediction of Shearer Cutting Performance. Pages 660-666
D L Price, ACIRL Ltd, Australia, and I C Jeffrey, Wollongong, NSW, Australia.


Paper 85 Sub-surface Cracks Due to Disc Cutter Spacing for Improved Rock Breakage and Ground Control. Pages 667-675
N I Aziz, University of Wollongong, NSW, Australia, and H Guo, BHP Mt. Newman Mining Operations, WA, Australia.


Index Of Authors Pages 676

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